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Top 5 Namibia Tours

Namibia ToursNamibia Tours
Namibia ToursNamibia Tours

Top 5 Namibia Tours

Namibia is a diverse country that is just begging to be explored. With its rich cultural heritage, abundance of wildlife and spectacular natural landscapes, it is rivalling its neighbouring countries in terms of attracting tourists. With the country's ever increasing popularity there are numerous Namibia tours on offer which cater to every interest. Here are my top 5 Namibia tours. 

Cultural Tours - On a cultural tour in Namibia you will experience the rich cultural heritage of the country by visiting local villages where you can meet the Himba tribesmen as well as learn about local traditions, food, lifestyle and religion.
Wildlife Tours - Join a traditional Namibian safari where you will explore national parks such as Etosha and see diverse wildlife including elephants, antelopes, hyenas, leopards and lions.
Walking Tours - Enjoy an exciting and original walking tour which heads into the awe-inspiring Namib desert as well as some of the most remote and wild regions in the country. You will get to see desert wildlife as well as spectacular natural landscapes.
Overland Tours - Overland tours last anything from 6 to 111 nights and they take in numerous countries including the diverse landscapes of Namibia. For diverse landscapes, people and wildlife you can't beat an overland tour.
Family Tours - Namibia is a safe country which makes it ideal for a family holiday destination. Family tours here include such exciting activities as balloon trips, wildlife watching, game drives, camping and sand boarding.
With such a diverse range of activities and Namibia tours on offer you are guaranteed to find a holiday that suits you in one of the most exciting and beautiful countries on the African continent.

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