Namibia Self-Drive Accommodation Safaris

Namibia Self-Drive Accommodation Safaris, Tourism Assistance
Namibia Self-Drive Accommodation Safaris, Tourism Assistance

Namibia Self-Drive Accommodation Safaris

Safaris to Namibia are unlike anywhere else in Africa, not only because of the two deserts, but because it can offer solitude that is simply unrivaled. From draping starry skies, to unobstructed horizons, the singing of birds, and calls of large antelope, there is only one way to truly feel rustic - Namibia self-drive accommodation safaris.

Namibia Community Based Tourism Assistance Trust or NACOBTA is a uniquely designed organization which reaches out to communities looking to join the larger tourism industry and makes for excellent Namibia self-drive accommodation. NACOBTA has grown considerably in the last few years in an effort to develop and operate enterprises for both profit and sustainability. NACOBTA is found with selected tour operators, craft centers, and places of accommodation. Members of NACOBTA provide travelers with unique cultural experiences and in return you help support those who need it most.

The majority of Namibia's National Parks and Game Parks are controlled and operated by NWR, including the resorts found inside the parks, thus making it a fantastic choice for Namibia self-drive accommodations. Fees are paid via credit card before the bookings will be confirmed. To reserve a campsite at any of NWR's locations, have your passport number, the name of your preferred campsite, the dates of your stay, and your vehicle's plate number. The two best ways to complete this small hassle is to either book your reservations at the main office in Windhoek, or online. Or have a specialist deal with the hassle.

Camping is by far the cheapest and most versatile option for budget travelers in Namibia. Namibia's frontier environment and rustic feel makes camping seem like the most appropriate option for accommodation. As you explore the country you will quickly notice how many travelers are camping; it's simply the thing to do in Namibia. With over 300 sites, camping is available nearly everywhere in-country, from backpacker hostels to the National Parks and deep into the bush along game trails. It is best to bring your own supplies with you, although some places do hire equipment. If you are traveling during the peak season, camping gives you more options. There is usually a site or place for a tent to be pitched when accommodations are full. The best part of camping is getting off the roads less traveled, moving without a plan or care in the world and knowing you have your place of accommodation with you at all times.

There are two ways to camp in Namibia: bringing equipment from home, or hiring/purchasing equipment in Namibia. There are a variety of camping shops in Windhoek that rent or sell gear and the same can be said for many car hire companies. Purchasing equipment is a bit pricey and if you hire your equipment, be sure to reserve all the gear you want well in advance. Don't be afraid to ask to see the equipment first, especially tents and sleeping bags - you may prefer to purchase or bring your own after you see the selection. Either way, camping is the best way to experience the African bush.

How much does a Namibia self-drive accommodation safari cost and how can you incorporate this into your itinerary?

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