How to get to Sandfontein from Upington

Sandfontein - UpingtonSandfontein - Upington
Sandfontein - UpingtonSandfontein - Upington

How to get to Sandfontein from Upington

Upington can be reached by air from Cape Town or Johannesburg. It’s a lovely little town close to the border of Namibia at Ariamsvlei.  We recommend hiring a 4x4 for the drive because there are many gravel roads along the route. 

Collect your 4x4 at Upington Airport and don’t forget to get let them know that you will be taking the vehicle over the border into Namibia.  They will send you on your way with all the necessary paperwork. 

Follow route 10 to the Namibian border and here you will cross from South Africa into Namibia at Ariamsvlei. There is sometimes a little wait at the border.

Once you’re in Namibia the first town you will reach after the border is Karasburg, about 110km away.  You will be surprised at how very few vehicles you will encounter (Namibia is known for being the second lease densely populated country on the planet!) and you will be in awe of the ever-changing, mountainous, and otherworldly landscapes.  It really is an awesome road trip.

It is advised to drive during the day which is much safer. During the night you could come across animals in the road, drivers driving too fast, or other issues. Accidents do happen and so please drive safely and buckle up!

Once you reach Karasburg we advise to refuel as this is the nearest town to Sandfontein. Take the Warmbad road and after approximately 10km take the D208.  

You will see the signpost for Sandfontein on the left-hand side of the road after approximately 70km.  Soak up the scenery as you drive through Sandfontein Nature Reserve to the Lodge.  You are now approximately 19km from reaching your destination! 

Enjoy the peace, space, and serenity.  Sandfontein really does have everything you need to rest, relax and reconnect with nature.


Sandfontein - Upington