Who gets more air than a basketball player, more floor than a rugby player and pulls at every tournament?
That’s an Ultimate Player.

It’s an exciting, non-contact team sport played by thousands all over the world in Open, Mixed and Women’s teams. Ultimate is a fast-paced game, demanding its players to develop razor sharp throwing skills and immense stamina and agility. It is recognized by the IWGA, all of the UK Sports Councils and the Australian Sports Commission, to just name a few. Ultimate is the only IOC recognized sport to be self-officiating and promote Spirit Of The Game (SOTG); this means players know the game and rules inside out and understand the meaning of fair play.

Ultimate is an intense sport but it’s also very newcomer friendly. The ‘Ultimate community‘ is something people often refer to and you can easily understand why, as the opportunity for beginners to get involved and get competitive at a fun level are widespread in lots of countries. You can hear many Ultimate players refer to their teams as their family, and in some teams you spend almost as much time together as if they were. The rules you need to know in order to start are easy to pick up and most teams cultivate a ‘grown from home’ attitude, meaning they’re willing to absorb you into the team and let team members teach you as you play.

Sound like it’s for you, even slightly? Then Windhuckers Ultimate opens the door for you to come on in…

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/232710346824509/

Start Date: 07 March, 2021
End Date: 07 March, 2025
Venue: UNAM stadium 340 Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue, Khomas (Windhoek)