Geography and history

The Ohangwena Province is situated in the northern parts of Namibia. It has a total population of approximately 250 000 residents and the capital is Eenhana. It is one of the most densely populated areas in the country considering its size and the reason for this is because agricultural and cattle farming are the main activities contributing to its economy. This province borders on Angola and four other provinces of the country – Kavango, Oshikoto, Oshana and Omusati.

The capital town of Eenhana once served as the military centre for the South African Defence Force. This town is located in a picturesque tropical forest area and the main activity with which the residents keep themselves occupied is cattle farming. Tourists can experience the Kwanyama culture by visiting the town of Helao Nafidi which also hosts an annual trade show.


The Ohangwena Province offers a wonderful spectrum of visitor accommodation options. You will find many bed and breakfasts, hotels, self-catering units and caravan and camping sites in the area. Please view our accommodation directory for more information on places to stay in the area.


The Ohangwena Province’s business sector is thriving thanks to tourist funding generated from visits. There are loads of stalls, souvenirs, shops, products and high quality restaurants available in the area. Please visit our business directory for a list of all the businesses you can find in the region. Historical and cultural enthusiasts will definitely enjoy visiting this province with its many activities and attractions. Please go to our activities directory for a full list of things to do.